The Safety and The Benefit in The Use of Microwaves

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It can say that the microwave is one of the most common cooking tools in the kitchen. A large number of people use the microwave in order to reheat or even cook the food; instead of using the best electric rice cooker. Nevertheless, some people wondered how the microwave effectively worked. Furthermore, cooking the food in the microwave oven is good or bad.


We know that the microwave utilizes the radiant heat so as to cook the food, so a great number of people are worried about the safety of it. To recognize and answer these questions, you can consult the below information.

The Safety and The Benefit in The Use of Microwaves

The microwave exactly cooks the food, does it?

It is like radio and sound waves. The microwave oven is considered as a part of an electromagnetic spectrum. It is utilized not only for cooking the food but also in broadcasting radar, TV and even a mobile phone. Due to non-ionizing radiation, microwaves are able to change the energy.

Each material will react to the microwave by the variety of ways. The glass is the transparent reaction. The metal is reflected reaction. The plastic is depending on the kind of it. The food has contained the water which will absorb the energy source of microwaves. Then, this energy will converse into the heat. So, in what way can a microwave heat or cook the food? Importantly, it does not have to be the food or the microwave that is the food container. It must be safe and harmless.

Heating your food in the microwave is safe, isn’t it?

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When it mentions to the safety of using the microwave, you ought to pay attention to several things:

  1. The heat effect: with the microwave, you can heat the food by many ways. Nevertheless, microwaves have the unique work, so you need to have the certain understanding. Each food is heated at different rates. For example, you want to reheat hotdogs, but they can explode if the heat is uneven. Microwaves are able to boil the water quickly; due to the transpiration mechanism. The water can suddenly boil if you add anything into the water as instant coffee or tea, for instance. According to reports of Food and Drug Administration, a lot of people are injured by these same cases.
  2. The food safety: if you use the microwave in order to cook thicker foods, they will not evenly ripe. For instance, to ripe a large piece of beef, you used the microwave. By transferring heat from the outside into the inside of the food, the microwave will be difficult to get the high temperature to ripe the inner parts. Like that, the bacteria can still remain. This one leads to illness.
  3. Using the microwave by the safe way: there are many argues about the heat effect and the safety of the microwave. The important thing needs to pay attention when using the microwave that is the radiant heat. It can change the chemical substances in your food. Even though it does not have specific data which proves that the microwave has changed the substance in foods by the bad way, it did not exclude the possibility.

On the other hand, the radiant heat can escape and cause the damage to tissues of users. Although microwaves are strictly regulated without radiation so as to make the damage to tissues, several sensitive parts can still be damaged as eyes if you contact the microwave at close range. It recommends that you should not put your nose to see your food when it is placed in the microwave.

  1. Chemical reaction: you also know that the government is not stipulated a safe microwave. The safety is based on your use. Let’s remember that you do not absolutely put plastic containers in the microwave because it can release an amount of Bisphenol A which damage nerve and development.

You should stop using the microwave, shouldn’t you?

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As these above mentions, it does not have a specific answer for the question: Is the microwave safe? It can say that this one depends on your demand and choice. For example, chili is not good for patients who have a stomachache, but it is still good for diabetics; even, if you use a moderate amount, it also helps weight-loss and improve digestion. Therefore, you only need to utilize the microwave right way. The benefit of the microwave can be bigger than the risk.

In summary, even though there is the best rice cooker, it also has advantages and disadvantages. The most important object is based on everyone’s use. With this above information, we hope that you will have useful knowledge in order to utilize your microwave oven effectively.