Masterbuilt 20070512 40-Inch Front Controller Electric Smoker with Window and RF Controller

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Smoke your products anytime and anywhere with the convenience of Masterbuilt Electric smoker. Nothing makes an outdoor activity more fun than to enjoy food soaked with authentic smoked taste. Every weekend is a smoking day thanks to electric smokers. Smoking made fast and easy.

Benefits of using electric smokers

Benefits of using electric smokers

Are you tired with all the thick smoke and tedious preparations just to get that taste you are looking for? Don’t forget to mention all the effort and one small mistake and everything goes to the trash bin. Conventional smoking methods were never for the inexperienced to start with. All the more reasons to move to electrical smokers.

  • Portable – Preparing the stand, charcoal and the cooking tray then the weather changes and you are left with an immobile device left to soak under the rain. All the effort of smoking gone down the drain. Electric smokers are designed to be portable, to be easily transferred from place to place no matter the weather or environment.
  • Filth free – charcoal dust is the main problem with conventional smoking methods. It’s thick and hard to wash. Eliminate the need for charcoal with the use of electric smokers. You also eliminate fly ash and unwanted thick smoke for better enjoyment.
  • Safe – you just can’t deny that red hot charcoals impose a threat for burns not only for the elders but also for the touchy and curious young ones. It is inevitable for children to either hit the grill whilst running or be too anxious to get the meat off the grill. With electric smokers, you are now able to eliminate that fear, with insulated concealment design surely to keep heat in and prevent any accidental burns.
  • Cleaning made easy – charcoal burns unexpectedly, you leave it a few moments and by the time you come back, you now have pieces of charred meat on one side and uncooked on the other. The worst part is that it’s nearly impossible to remove those charred meat sticking on the grill. Electric smokers are controlled digitally and keep uniform temperature all throughout preventing charred meat on any part of your grill. Also, with removable racks, cleaning is made even easier.

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker 40” features

  • 40 inches – with a total height of 40 inches, this leaves you with 900 square inches of cooking area throughout on 4 racks. Guarantying a large amount of products to be smoked simultaneously for non-stop enjoyment.
  • Digit panel –say goodbye to manually controlling rate of burning of charcoal with digital control panels that regulate temperature, smoke quantity and even works as a timer. The electric smoker even has a built-in meat probe to give you an idea how hot your meat is cooking. The panel is blue LED backlit an additional feature to help you navigate even under the sunlight.
  • Remote control – the new Masterbuilt smoker is installed with a built-in remote control allowing you to take control even if you are from a distance.
  • Built-in light – get an even closer look on your meat with an illuminated interior thanks to the addition of built-in lights. You now get to know how your meat really looks like without the need to constantly stop and open your electric smoker.

Why the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker 40” is the Best Smoker?

  • Large capacity – you will surely never run out of products to eat thanks to the large maximum capacity of products that this device can hold.
  • Portable – with inaccurate forecast, it is every smoker’s nightmare to see the skies start to darken. The Bradley smoker is pre-installed with wheels and a carrying handle for you to easily carry it from one place to another similarly like a stroller.
  • Price –only at a slashed down price of $299.98 you get the best worth of your money. Durability, functionality and longevity all in one. Plus a maximum heat temperature of 275 Fahrenheit that is not present in most smokers.

The only thing wrong with this smoker

  • Cord is short – the company forgot to make an investment on their wiring. The power cord is too short to be of any practical use. This could have at least been improved, but nevertheless, this is easily fixed with an extension wire. It’s just plane annoying for some.

Frequently asked questions?

  • “How many watts is it going to consume?” – 800 watts
  • “Will the window eventually turn opaque after a few uses?” – no matter what you smoke or how thick the smoke is, as long as you clean it after every use, there wouldn’t be any visual issues with the front glass panel.
  • “Is it safe to use overnight?” – Nothing is totally safe since there are probability of short circuits. If you use the timer and disregarding any issues, yes, it’s safe.


Smoked-RibsThe Masterbuilt electric smoker is made for all kinds of people to use. It is an all-around device but if you are in need of a portable or picnic type smoker then you might need to find a different type. All in all, you will find this suitable for most situations of smoking different products. It gets the job done and is much better to use than most conventional smoking means.