New Living Room Trends In 2016

The living room is where you need to decoration to be perfectly done. Therefore, there’re many kinds of furniture you should take a look at and choose carefully to fit in your room. The furniture for living room mostly depends on the size and shape of the room. Nevertheless, the style that you need your living room to be is very important because it would decide the shape and the color of living room decorative items. You can buy them online such as the best ceiling fans on our website, or some stuff from the markets that could be used for the vintage style living room decoration.

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Yet there is a wide range of living room furniture for you to choose, but the main point is that you must know what the focus points of your room are. In the year 2016, living room décor has developed quickly. There are many decorating items that you might not know about in this article, and I hope that this post would help you to follow the trends effectively and modify your living room as you wish.

  1. The living room carpets

The living room carpet sometimes decides the overall theme of the floor. There are many types of carpet for you to choose in terms of patterns and color tones. In 2016, simply living room decoration is on an upward trend, so that the carpet should be plain with light color.

Living room

You should choose the carpet based on other furniture inside the living room. If your living room is following the modern and simple style, a white or light blue carpet would be perfect for decoration and adding spotlight into the floor. In contrast, in vintage living room, the carpet would have some kind of unique patterns and dark color to combine with the light’s color tone so that there will be a harmonic atmosphere in the entire room.

However, there are some notices in using carpet in living room. You should ask for advices from people who excel in home improvement, maybe your friends or relatives to handle the living room arrangement.

  1. Curtains

Some people know that window curtains and other living room souvenirs can’t be the focal points. But it’s not true at all. In fact, this furniture can help the living room cover some weaknesses and flaws.

The depth and width of the living room often decides the curtain’s color and pattern. With small living room, the windows should be designed with the height from the ceiling to the bottom near the floor, so you also have to design the length of the curtains so that it can cover the whole windows.

In fact, if you have time and effort to find a unique set of window curtains, it would be an amazing focal point for the whole living room. Vintage living room decoration has some main attractive points all over the room, and one of them is the window decoration. The surface of window curtains is one of the most ideal materials to apply the creative ideas for the artists.

  1. Ceiling fans

Yet the surrounding space in the living room is important, but the ceiling needs some cares as well. At least you should spend some time and look for a ceiling fan that suits the decoration.

Firstly, you should notice the height of your living room, so that you can adjust the ratio between ceiling blades and the ceiling size. Next, the color and material of the ceiling fan blades is the thing you should consider. The blades can be made by wood or metal, but you have to make sure that the process of the motor is fine with all kinds of blade. Finally, the fan must fit into the living room atmosphere so that it won’t be some kind of weakness or imperfection of the room.

So you can see that the trend in living room décor in 2016 is changing. However, you should know which furniture can be utilized inside your home. In fact, the living room is just a part of your house, so if you have any questions or problems about home improvement, don’t hesitate to ask us to solve the problems.